Alchemy was as dumb as a box of rocks but the sweetest dog I ever knew. If you were lucky enough to be one of the few people who made it into her circle of trust then you knew that all she wanted was for you to be happy with her. 

I first met her 13 years ago last month. Her owner brought her over to hang out and play with Rogue, and Alchemy and I just immediately hit it off. Which was weird, because she didn’t like anyone. She was a nervous dog her whole life and was always scared of everything. But for some reason she instantly liked me. 

She wasn’t always mine, and for the first few years of her life I just helped to take care of her, but for the last 10 she’s been mine. I inherited her when her owner passed away. I liked to joke that she was Avigail’s dog and I was just watching Alchemy for her, but we definitely shared her. For all her quirks and weirdness, and she had plenty of them, that dog hated being apart from me.

She was always super protective of Avigail, especially when she was a baby. She even allowed baby Avigail to climb on her back and try to ride her like a horse. I tried to discourage that, except the one time I took a picture of it. Cause, you know, it was funny. And cute. 

She could look vicious and could bark a good game, but man she couldn’t hurt another living being to save her own life. More than once she accidentally started a fight with another dog and I had to save her once she figured out they were no longer playing. 

When her original owner and I were trying to come up with a name for our film production company we just couldn’t quite find something we liked, and one day she comes up to me and says “it’s our dogs. The name of our company.” And that was it. Rogue Alchemy Pictures was born. Now they’re all gone, but I’m glad their names carry on. 

I never got to see her as a cute little puppy ball of fur, and I’m sure she was the most adorable puppy ever. But I got to spend 13 years of my life with this fucking weirdo, and she sure made it more entertaining. 

Avigail and I spent the morning hanging out on the floor with Alchemy until it was time to let her go. She’ll be missed dearly.

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