Dudley and Bob + Matt

In 2015 and 2016 the Austin based morning radio Show, Dudley and Bob with Matt, hosted their own film festival. The rules? Under 5 minutes and have something to do with their show. Our team competed both years and had three films as finalists each year.

In 2015 our film “The Outing” won first place and the grand prize of 6,000 dollars. Our film “Mon Petit Vagabond” took second place for a 1,000 dollar prize. In 2016 we took first place with “Being Dale Dudley” and won the “most likely to lose us a sponsor” award for “I’m in a pickle!” for a prize of 500 dollars.

“I’m in a Pickle!” went on to play in several fests including Austin Revolution Film Festival and London Worldwide Comedy Festival. It also won “Single Funniest Moment” at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival.

Here are some of the winning films. I’m in a Pickle! holds a broader appeal, the other two are very specific to the audience of that radio show but we had a lot of fun making them!

I’m in a Pickle!

The Outing

Being Dale Dudley

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