Rogue Alchemy Pictures is the production company run by Michael Charron to bring life to various projects he dreams up. Included below are some of the talented people he frequently collaborates with.

In the past three years this team has created films and scripts that have been selected by 48 different festivals across 13 states and 2 countries.

Writer/Director – Michael Charron

As far back as he can remember the movie theater has been Michael’s favorite place to be. As a child, he got lost for hours in the stories he found there, in a dark room, set apart from the “real” world. As he grew, Michael began to see the movie theater as a place where traditions are subverted–where the status quo gets turned on its head. And this is where his writing sensibilities lie–in taking an established concept or idea and finding a way to turn it into something completely different. From slasher films where the “sexy” girls are the most competent ones to a rom-com where the meet cute takes place during casting for a snuff film, there’s no trope he’s unwilling to push to its limit.   

From an early age he was a storyteller, crafting worlds that he and his friends would play in, but it wasn’t until much later that he even realized he could be the guy to create the movies he so loved. After years of pursuing music performance and production, Michael sat down to write his first script, which he eventually turned into a movie. Since then he’s written more than fifteen feature films (and produced four of them) as well as written and produced a series of shorts. Michael has had several feature scripts both place as finalists and win in festivals and has had multiple short films win awards at festivals in recent years, including several that took top honors. 


  • Best Writer/Director (Lukas Hassel Award) – Austin Revolution Film Festival
  • Director’s Choice for Screenwriter of the year – Austin Revolution Film Festival
  • Best Director (Casual Encounters) – Eyecatcher Film Festival

Frequent Collaborators

Composer – TW Bond

T.W.Bond began creating scores and soundtrack songs for independent projects in Osaka, Japan in 2000. After relocating to Austin TX in 2002, he came to specialize in recreating the Spector Wall-of-Sound style & technique as well as mimicking the distinct nuances of various film score  classics. In early 2017, he completed the music, lyrics, and soundtrack of the Adult Swim musical sitcom, The Suplex Duplex Complex. Bond pioneered the idea of the “video flyer” in the early days of YouTube to promote band shows at local venues. He has performed with Nirgilis, Gary Wilson & the Blind Dates, Barry Micron, and the Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band.

Director of Photography – Steven Gunter

Steven is a photographer and filmmaker who fell into his craft by accident. He studied vocal performance and pedagogy in college to ensure his ability to either work in retail or be self-employed, and he’s grateful the self-employment thing is working out. Steven’s film work ranges from traveling the world making micro-docs and promo films for NGO’s, clever Kickstarter videos, and music videos for local artists. Typically a team-of-one filmmaker, he’s looking forward to working on more team-based productions. You’re the puppet is his second narrative short.

Actor/Producer – Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson began acting at the age of 11, in Georgetown, TX, where he performed in stage productions directed by his middle school theater teacher. His  feature film debut came in 2001, with a lead role in the indie comedy Jobbers. He has acted in four feature length films, and numerous shorts, two of which have won awards at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase and the Bare Bones Film Festival. Anderson is also an accomplished voice actor performing a wide range of characters and accents. Erik not only played Laramie, he also provided the voice of Leonard.

Director of Photography/Gaffer – Nils Hoover

Creativity is a tool of transformation. To live as an artist is to accept the life of a wizard, casting spells of ideas and sharing beauty to change the world. As a filmmaker, Nils seeks to work and understand as many roles as he can. He’s worked as an editor and cinematographer for many years and most recently he’s started pursuing work in production as a gaffer. Next up he’s looking to direct and produce. Nils Hoover lives in Austin, TX and splits his time between filmmaking and installation art. 

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