It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Rogue Alchemy Pictures! You’re the Puppet won best short film at the Nacogdoches Film Festival and then the following week it won most original film at the Prison City Film Festival! Random Knowledge is having it’s likely last screening at the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival inContinue reading

In the past couple weeks Random Knowledge has picked up some steam and has 6 screenings over the next month and “You’re the Puppet” got it’s first acceptance! Random Knowledge won the “Lukas Hassel Award at Austin Revolution Film Festival for best Writer / Director! Here are our upcoming screenings… Random Knowledge: 9/27 Charlotte FilmContinue reading

Catching up!

It’s been a big year for Rogue Alchemy Pictures so far! Random Knowledge is still chugging along. So far this year we’ve played: Prison City Film Festival (Winner: Best Comedy Short, Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actress for Ariel Greenspoon) Mansfield Film Festival Bare Bones Independent Film Festival Georgetown Film Festival Portland Comedy Film FestivalContinue reading “Catching up!”