Latest Updates

We’re working on a new short early next year and looking for a couple of actresses to help us finish out the cast. We’ve got some great talent already on board and it’s going to be so much fun. It’s an action comedy and it’s going to be ridiculous and badass at the same time. I keep describing it to people as this… I want someone to watch it and talk about how ridiculous it was but then say “but did you see when she did that crazy (insert stunt/kick/punch/etc. here)? that was insane!” We’re pushing ourselves to do something new and different with this one and we have an amazing fight choreographer on board who is really going to make it awesome.

Speaking of awesome, we have two screenings lined up for 2020 already. Random Knowledge is screening at the Chandler International Film Festival for it’s 20th festival and You’re the Puppet is screening at the Pensacola Indie Fringe and Comedy Festival, both in January. Two films in two states. Random Knowledge will be wrapping it’s run soon but you should see You’re the Puppet around the country soon and I’ll keep updating it here.

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