Upcoming Screenings

First Impressions is premiering at the 40th anniversary Breck Film Fest in September! We screen 9/18 and we couldn’t be happier to go back there. We premiered Here Comes the Neighborhood there in 2017 and it was where Amy and I spent our honeymoon after getting married in Denver the day before. Hopefully we’ll have some more screenings to announce for this film soon! More info can be found here!

In October the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival is having their first in-person fest! Last year was postponed because of Covid and they’re combining the two fests. Random Knowledge was picked last year and You’re the Puppet this year, so it’s going to be a double header for Rogue Alchemy Pictures! The festival is produced by the fantastic people behind Austin Revolution Film Festival so you know it’s going to be an absolute blast! More info can be found here!

Speaking of the people behind the San Angelo Revolution fest… Austin Revolution is having an event in September to tide us over to the big fest in February. On the 24th there will be a filmmaker happy hour and then on the 25th a screening of some films from people in both the 2020 ARFF Hall of Fame class as well as announcements of the 2022 class… I wonder why You’re the Puppet is screening there? Come out and find out!

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