In the past couple weeks Random Knowledge has picked up some steam and has 6 screenings over the next month and “You’re the Puppet” got it’s first acceptance!

Random Knowledge won the “Lukas Hassel Award at Austin Revolution Film Festival for best Writer / Director!

Here are our upcoming screenings…

Random Knowledge:
You’re the Puppet:

Catching up!

It’s been a big year for Rogue Alchemy Pictures so far! Random Knowledge is still chugging along. So far this year we’ve played:

  • Prison City Film Festival (Winner: Best Comedy Short, Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actress for Ariel Greenspoon)
  • Mansfield Film Festival
  • Bare Bones Independent Film Festival
  • Georgetown Film Festival
  • Portland Comedy Film Festival
  • Literally Short Film Festival
  • Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase
  • San Antonio Film Festival

And in the next couple months we have:

Hopefully we’ll see some of you out at these screenings! Add into that our screenings last year at Reel East Texas Film Festival and Denver Underground and it’s really stacking up!

And be looking for our new film “You’re the Puppet” to start popping up soon!




Random Knowledge Premiere and Recent Screenings

Random Knowledge premiered at the 2nd Annual Reel East Texas Film Festival and it was a great screening. We picked up an award for best comedy short! I can’t wait to bring it to more festivals.

The week before that we screened Here Comes the Neighborhood and Casual Encounters at the Eyecatcher Film Festival in McAlester OK. Here Comes the Neighborhood picked up best micro-short and Erik Anderson won best actor for the film. Michael Charron picked up best director for Casual Encounters and his screenplay “The Breakdown” won the screenplay competition.

And finally, in October at the Downtown Tyler Film Festival, Here Comes the Neighborhood picked up the Best of the Fest award!

Random Knowledge and Awards


Random Knowledge is the newest short from Rogue Alchemy Pictures. We filmed it earlier this year and waited until the other films were finishing up their festival run before announcing it, but it’s finally time! It’s a comedy about competitive pub trivia, but I think you’ll like it whether or not you like pub trivia. I’m super proud of how this one turned out and can’t wait for everyone to see it!

We won a few awards over the weekend. Here Comes the Neighborhood was named best comedy short by the Revolution Me Film Festival in Brooklyn and Michael was named Director’s choice for screenwriter of the year at the Austin Revolution Film Festival!

Still a couple more screenings for Here Comes the Neighborhood coming up and be looking for announcements about Random Knowledge screenings coming soon!

Upcoming Screenings

Hey, we’ve got quite a few screenings coming up in the world of Rogue Alchemy Pictures. I’ll break them down by film…chris

Here Comes the Neighborhood:

  1. September 22nd in Brooklyn New York at the Revolution Me Film Festival!
  2. October 6th in Grapevine Texas at the Grapevine Film Festival!
  3. October 12th in Tyler Texas at the Downtown Tyler Film Festival!
  4. November 8-10th in McAlester Oklahoma at the Eyecatcher Film Festival!


I’m in a Pickle!:

  1.  September 20th in Austin Texas at the Austin Revolution Film Festival!


Casual Encounters:

  1. September 22nd in Austin Texas at the Austin Revolution Film Festival!
  2. November 8-10th in McAlester Oklahoma at the Eyecatcher Film Festival!

I hope to see you at the fests, and be looking for some announcements on our new film that is out for submission to fests all over the country!